Kiwisol Training

With over 50 years of practical experience  Owning -  Operating and Maintaining heavy machinery - Trucks - Forklifts and EWPs we are now sharing our experience with training in a practical interactive way.


We pride ourselves in customer care, working with you to keep you compliant and your staff safe.

We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the Industry .We can train at your premises - at our Training site or for some courses online. All our trainers are approved and registered trainers and assessors.


Get in touch with us today to learn how Ian Wycherley, our Owner Trainer, can assist and advise  you.


Our Services

Kiwisol have a number of training modules to suit your needs. 



Forklift Course - New and Refresher Plus F Endorsement

If you are operating a forklift in the workplace, HSWA requires that you must be trained and hold a certificate of competency US 10851, and If driving on a road an Endorsement F on your drivers licence US18496



Wheels, Tracks & Rollers

W T R Endorsements.

If you drive a special type vehicle on the road you must have an W T or R Endorsement on your drivers licence.

The T endorsement is for vehicles that run on self laying tracks.

The R endorsement is for Rollers

The W endorsement is for Special type vehicles that run on wheels like loaders and dump trucks.


EWP = Elevating Work Platform

EWP is the term used to describe all configurations of EWPs being self propelled, trailer or truck mounted. There are 5 main types of EWP.

VL Vertical Lift

SL Scissor Lift

BL Self Propelled Boom Lift

TL Trailer Mounted Boom Lift

TM Truck Mounted Boom Lift